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18 September 2020

Things That I Love But Will Never Repurchase

I am sure everyone has their own experience about the things that they like, but for some reasons that things were not meant for them. These are some products that I really like, but does not work for me. It does not mean that the products listed below are bad products, it just not made for me T_T

Femme by BOSS

I swear I really like this perfume. Very beautiful scent. It smells sweet and fresh but so light. The initial scent was a strong floral but developed into soft and fresh scent during the dry down. Suitable to wear to go to formal event or for daily use. The only reason why I would never repurchase it — it does not worth the price. Bought it last 2 year at Sasa, RM200 for 75ml eau de parfum but it does not last long. The smell vanished after 3 – 4 hours. With that price range, of course I expected it to last longer than 8 hours. But nope, Meow by Katy Perry (which is way cheaper) can last longer than this perfume (for me). However, perfumes react differently on different people because of the body chemistry affect the way the perfume smells. If you want something that smell sweet and fresh, you should try this one. One of the floral perfumes that I really like. I wish it last longer on me.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer

I really really like this moisturizer. I have a very dry skin and this moisturizer works wonder on my skin. It doesn’t make my skin oily. The only thing that ruin everything, fragrance. I have a sensitive skin that can’t tolerate with fragrance in skincare/cosmetic. After more than one month of use, red-itchy rashes started to appear on my skin. If only they have the fragrance-free version, I will definitely buy it.

LANCÔME Tonique Confort

This was a blind buy. I bought something on Sephora and tried to add other things to my cart to get the free shipping. Read a lot of positive reviews about it so, I think I should give it a try. However, I forgot to check the ingredients. PARFUM. Same situation happened with Hydro Boost, after one week of use, that red-itchy rashes started to appear. I think the concentration of fragrance in this toner is quite high because the rashes appeared in short period of use compared to Hydro Boost. I like the texture and the feel it left on my face. It makes my skin softer and looks plump. But it’s a no for me. Luckily, I only buy the travel size which cost around RM50 – RM60. I gave it to my mother and my mother doesn’t like it because it makes her skin itchy (but no red rashes like mine). 

COSRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream

Another moisturizer that I really like but my skin doesn’t like it as much as I do. This moisturizer really helps to moisturize my skin. Plus, it also makes my acne scars faded. However, it makes my skin really oily. Especially when I woke up from sleep. So, it’s a no for me.

SOME BY MI Yuja Niacin Brightening Sleeping Mask

I really love this sleeping mask because it makes my dark circle and acne scars faded. It also moisturized my skin and make it softer. However, something is wrong with the ingredients of this product. It irritates my skin, causing red-itchy rashes to appear even on my neck. 

CLIO Nudism Velvetwear Cushion

One of my favorite cushion. Unfortunately, even the darkest shade can't fit with my skin tone. The cushion is very light, it feels like I wear nothing on my face. It doesn’t make my face looks oily, it was perfect. Except for the shade. The #05 Sand shade was made for someone with pink skin undertone, while mine was yellow. The other shade was too bright for me. For reference, I’m wearing shade 222 True Beige (Maybelline Fit Me foundation), G3 Golden Vanilla (L’oreal True Match cushion - discontinued) and 04 Deep (Super City Block BB Cushion - discontinued). 

I swear if all the products listed above were suitable for me, they would be on my forever repurchase list especially Femme and Tonique Confort. Sadly, I have to face the fact that we were not meant to be together T_T


  1. What a bummer that the neutrogena hydro boost water gel moisturizer didn't suit your skin. It's my tried and true I love it. But I guess our skin concerns are vary from one another and hopefully you're using a moisturizer that suits well your skin, girl!

    lenne |

    1. I really like it T_T Sadly, it contains fragrance. I hope they will produce a fragrance-free version of it. I'm still searching for a suitable moisturizer for my skin. Moisturizer always the hardest part to find. Hahaha.


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