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01 May 2018

Happy Labour Day

So, this is what I am doing during the precious-one-day-public-holiday.

From a programmer to a babysitter. Meet my niece, Asya.

As you know, 'bawang' generation keep increasing these days. So, these are some of POV from 'makcik bawang' that I've got today while teman-ing my mother and sister went for shopping.

Netizen A:
Comelnya anak!

Netizen B:
Anak putih, mak gelap. Ikut ayah kot?

Netizen C:
Mudanya dah ada anak, dah habis belajar ke belum ni?

I don't take their comments seriously, but I think it's rude to judge people that you have never met before. It's okay to be friendly but please mind your words. If you don't have something nice to say, it's better to keep your mouth shut.

Btw, Happy Labour Day everyone!


  1. That's so rude of them. It's good that you don't take those things at heart.

    1. I know right! I don't take it at heart because I know it's a normal situation in our society :) But I really hope this will change, someday.

  2. Wow! People nowadays...

    I really hate it when people being judgmental, which is why I tend to stay at home. lol :D

    By the way, hello. This is my first time here ^^

    1. Hi Farah! Hahahaha I also stay at home, most of the time. I rarely go out except when I feel like I want to. Btw, thanks for reading!

  3. makcik pakcik bawang sekarang memang dh meningkat farah! tu membawang di luar tak masuk dengan keyboard warrior lagi kannn

    1. Hahaha kadang-kadang seram tengok, those 'makcik bawang' and 'keyboard warrior' hentam orang macam diri sendiri tak pernah buat salah.

  4. Hahaha but your niece is shooo cute there!!

    Anyways, it's been so long since I last dropped by here, been missing a lot of ur updates ^_^


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