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05 April 2018

Broken Heart

Last night, my friend was broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and I don't know what to do, she was so sad. I think, her eyes still swollen from crying last night (probably still crying right now).

"He left me for real." she said.

I don't know. I am sad, too. I thought they will make it. Look at how happy she looks when she was with him, make me imagine the happy ending for them. But unfortunately, they gave me a sad ending. And people with a weak heart like me really hate sad endings.

She reminds me of a silly girl that I have known for years. That silly girl has been together with her ex-boyfriend for 6 years (on-off relationship).  She was 19 at the time when her ex-boyfriend left him. And this time, it is finally off and he never comes back. For a 19 years old girl, 6 years was considered 1/3 of her life cycle and that 1/3  of her life was full of him.

The first 2 years after he left was the hardest part for her. Going through the healing process, she picked up the broken pieces of her heart and reassembled it alone. But then it shattered into million pieces again after knowing that he had found someone new, less than one year after they broke up.

That silly girl asked, "Is it that easy for him to forget me?"

It is already been 4 years since he left her. Moving on was not that easy, I guess? Even though she can lie to people by telling them that she is okay, but she still cannot lie to herself. It is like there is a missing piece that makes her puzzle incomplete. Like there is a big hole in her heart, which she had given that part to him but he did not return it.

Here is a little advice for those who are struggling to move on from their ex, all you need is time. Take as much time as you need. Cry for the whole day, if that what it takes for you to release all your sadness. Eat as much as you want, if that what makes you happy. Laugh as loud as you want, if that what makes you forget all the craps. Do not care about what others think of you, just do it in your own way.

One fine day, you will finally able to tell yourself, "I have moved on." and you will find your own prince/princess charming that is meant to be with you till the end. You will make it.

For the time being, just learn to appreciate yourself and explore the world! I am very sure that you will find out something new about yourself.

Been there and done everything that I have said at the above, yes, I am that silly girl. Finally moved on even though it takes longer than expected but yeah, I am still proud of myself. I finally learned how to truly forgive someone and I stop putting the blame on everything including myself.

For my dear friend, there is nothing much that I can do but I will always be there for you. There is always a reason behind everything. Just smile and keep going 💗


  1. Congrat girl, u still wake up even get trouble in ur past relationship.Stay focus on yourself. New beautiful life is waiting for us :)

  2. My heart breaks along while reading this :( May your friend find a guy who will love her wholeheartedly. Tell her to chin up and stay strong! Focus on herself now, find a new hobby, do things she loves the most, be better and she will attract better! :)

  3. i know how you feel and i already phased that. congratulations and build your own self confidence, dont give up.appreciate and love yourself :)


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