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16 February 2018

I'm Back

*One of my favourites from Illenium's album, Awake ❤

After 9 months and 15 days finally, I'm back. I really miss writing on my blog but I don't have enough time to update anything here. So, it's already 2018. I know it's too late for New Year wishes, but I don't care. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


Since I am currently doing my internship at the company which most of the staffs (85%) were Chinese, I've got longer CNY holidays  (14th Feb - 19th Feb) compared to my friends hehe. And of course, they got jealous 😌 I also got angpau and lot of oranges!

So, after struggling for 2 days to choose a new template and editing this and that (it's a tiring process and this is the ultimate reason why I stay with one template for a long time), here is my new look! The main reason why I changed my blog template is that my old template looks boring and I think this is one of the ways to encourage my(lazy)self to write 😌

If you happened to visit my blog, please leave your link at my Cbox (click on the TALK section below the header) so I can visit yours back 😊


  1. hi welcome back! hehehe happy blogging sys and happy holiday too. :)


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