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01 May 2017

Good Bye April

I think I just wrote about March? Is it already the end of April? 

I think you'll be sick of reading about me nagging of how busy my student's life is. I've tons of project to be submitted on May. So, my April consist of lack of sleep, lack of rest, less food (since I have less time to eat/I am so lazy to buy something to eat), more caffein, less class (I like it!), and what else? Oh, less time alone. Since I like to spend my time alone, this is so irritating. I have to go out, having a group discussion and so on. I feel like I don't have time for myself anymore T_T

The best part of April is when I can fly back home because hey, it's mid-semester break! I've spend my mid-semester break (30 March - 9 April) at home. As you can see in my previous post, I've attended Grand Launch of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL Website on 1 April at Disenar Space. Ahh, I miss my home food (mom, can you please come here?)! 

*Family photo at the airport. Excuse my tak senonoh face (baru lepas nangis sebab kena balik U 😂)

I took the last flight back to Sarawak because I want to spend more time with my family. At this moment, I'm so grateful because I'm still studying inside the country. I can't imagine what will happen to me if I'm studying abroad. My parents probably will go bankrupt because of me 😌

The saddest thing is I CAN'T GO TO PBAKL! I've to wait for another 2 years 😭 So, PBAKL 2020, please come faster! I've got a long list of books that I want to buy and heck PBAKL gave a lot of discounts! I even mute her/his on Twitter if that person tweet anything about PBAKL. Hey, I even block that PBAKL word on my Twitter. Can you see how disappointed that I am?

I've got a very long playlist because hey, THE CHAINSMOKERS RELEASE THEIR NEW ALBUM! And they're being so generous by sharing it on YouTube. New marketing strategy, I guess?

So, here we go. I present to you, my April playlist (jeng jeng jeng!).

Am I the only one who got very excited because Paramore release new single? Trust me, I felt disappointed at first when I heard this song because it doesn't sounds like Paramore. But then, hey this song is not that bad. This song is strangely addicting. And I love Hayley new hair! She's so pretty!!!!

My most favorite song from The Chainsmokers new album! Another songs from The Chainsmokers new album: Young, Bloodstream, My Type, The One, Wake Up Alone, Break Up Every Night, Don't Say, Last Day Alive and Honest.

WELCOME BACK DEMI! I've watched The Late Show with James Corden (Divas Riff Off with Demi Lovato) and I hate how people only commented about she gained weight instead of her powerful voices.


  1. sekejap je dah masuk bulan mei TT_TT

  2. gotta love despacito haha. i'm obsessed with the song although i can't sing some part of the song lol


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