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24 April 2017

Our Times

I watched this movie at 3AM because my friend said "You should watch this! This is one of the best movies I ever watched!" and I think I should take a break from doing my assignments because I've been working on it for the whole day.

This 2015 Taiwanese movie directed by Frankie Chen is about and ordinary office worker, Lin Cheng-hsin (Lin Truly) who lives a stressful life. One day she listens to and old recording of Andy Lau which reminds her of her school life.

The story begin when she received a chain letter, warning her of the bad luck if she didn't pass the message. So, she send the chain letter to her Math teacher, Tao Minmin (most popular girl in her school) and Hsu Taiyu (school's gangster). Unfortunately, Hsu Taiyu gets hit by the van while he read the letter. Later, he send his gang to find Lin.

I've spent my 2 hours 13 minutes and 44 seconds to watch this movie and for me it's really worth it. I've seen some reviews about this movie and some people said it's just a typical love story. I can't deny the fact that this is a typical love story which you can predict what will happen next. And if you're going to watch this movie later, maybe you'll compare this movie with First Love (Thailand movie) because I've found a lot of similarity between Our Times and First Love. But it doesn't matter because for me, Our Times has its own way to attract their audiences.

Rating? 4/5 stars. Here are some of the scenes from the movie.

"When you like someone and see her walk to someone she likes you’d suddenly realize that you treat her badly just because you want to get a bit closer to her." - Hsu Taiyu

One of the scenes that breaks my heart 😭

When you like someone, you'll pay attention to what they say even though it's not important and yes Hsu Taiyu ran away from hospital because Lin said that she is okay (Lin told him before that when a girl said that she's okay means she's not okay and when she said there's nothing wrong means there's something wrong).

The scene when Hsu Taiyu told Lin that he's in a relationship with Tao Minmin.

And this scene reminds me of First Love when Nam fell in the water after she told P'Shone that she likes him but P'Shone already in a relationship with someone else.

When Hsu Taiyu told Ouyang that Lin likes him 😭


"We didn't know until years later the first person you throw your balloon at is not someone you dislike but someone you can't take your eyes off." - Lin Truly

I love how this movie brought the audience back to the school life which reminds me of mine too! That shopping at the bookshop scene, biodata book that full of the pictures of our favorite idol that we got from newspaper or magazine, and many others. I just can't stop smiling and said "I did that too!". Hahaha. And I didn't cry when I watch this movie.

Here's the link to watch this movie online: Our Times

p.s: Okay, I'm lying. I cried. A lot! Especially that scene when Hsu Taiyu told Ouyang everything about Lin. He even told Ouyang that he likes Lin but Lin likes Ouyang very much so that he had to hide his feelings. And when they meet again after so many years he still remember about his promise. I always fall for the bad guys eh? 


  1. anis nangis waktu tengok cerita ni TT_TT tapi both of them sweet sgt, and lelaki tu walaupun nmpk cm gangster tapi auwww ada taman jugak dlm hati :3

    1. Hahaha feeling habis time tengok cerita ni! Kan!! Sweet sangat walaupun nampak macam kawan kawan je hehe. Nampak macam gangster pun handsome :')

  2. Replies
    1. Lucky you. I've got a lot of work to do so usually I do to sleep after Subuh prayer. Pity me, haih

  3. OMG! Syilah dah tengok movie ni. Serious memang best sangat sangat!

    1. Kannnn! Best walaupun macam typical but still cara dia sampaikan cerita tu yang buat rasa nak terus tengok walaupun dah boleh agak cerita tu macam mana

  4. My Gaaddd!! Love this movie!! That gangster hero handsome gilaaaaa!!!!!! AAARRGGHH *fangirling sorang2 jap*

  5. best ke cite ni? hero handsome sehhh hihi

    1. Best!Tapi depends on person jugak. kalau tak suka love story, maybe tak best kot. hehe


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