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01 April 2017

My Parcel Has Arrived!

My parcel from ZALORA is here! As you know, I did a collaboration with ZALORA few days ago, and I received RM50 voucher in return. I was thinking to buy a hoodie at first but I just bought a hoodie from H&M. While looking for the thing that I want to buy with the voucher, I saw the promotion ads and there’s a lot of bags on sale. So, here's my cute cross-body bag.

 *check it out: Mango Tassel Cross-Body Bag

The bag is so cute, I'm in love!

*inside the bag

The thing is, this bag has no zip compartment at all. But, got enough space to fit my purse, handphone, and broadband. Since I didn't bring many things in my bag (usually), I guessed this bag is just perfect for me! Small and easy to carry anywhere. I don't have to worry about messy things anymore. Trust me, the number of the thing you want to bring will increase as the size of the bag increase. Then, you'll have a problem to find small things such as car key, or house key inside that big bag. Hahaha, I've been through that situation before.

Oh, the bag was on sale right now! It will cost you only RM60 (NP: RM99.90). You can check it out on ZALORA website.


  1. cantiknya beg tu. lama dah rasanya tak shopping kat zalora. :D

    1. IKR! The thing is, that bag tak ade zip langsung. Sometimes rasa insecure kalau barang kecik-kecik boleh terlompat keluar dari beg hahaha. But it's pretty, I don't care. Hahaha


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