So, yesterday I was at Disenar Space to attend the grand launch of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL website. Ever heard of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL?

SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL was founded by Shafiqah Shafie (a beauty guru & make up artiste) initially created in August 2016 to cater her followers demand for beauty products that are specifically chosen and worn by her. Want to learn about make up and skincare? Hey, she also conduct a make up & skincare workshop tour! Follow SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to know more about make up and skincare tips and tricks. Check it out guys!

Here are some snippets of what happened during the grand launch of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL website.

*before the party begin

*look what we've got!

*what's inside the box! Hyaluronic Water Gel by PinkBoxCereal and Celebrity Serum (Beyonce) by WOWWALAH!

*the founder of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL, Shafiqah Shafie

*some of the stuffs sold during the grand launch

*and of course, FOOD!

*Aizza with Shafiqah Shafie

You can go directly to SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL website to purchase order. No more hassle. No more PM or DM 😉


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