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31 March 2017

Good Bye March

While typing this post, I’m currently laying on my so comfortable bed, in my lovely room. YES, I AM HOME RIGHT NOW! Ahh, how I missed having my own space. I don’t have to share my room with anyone. Welcome home, dear self šŸ˜Š

So, March has come to an end. How fast time flies, it feels like just a couple days ago everyone was celebrating a new year and now it’s already the end of March. Thank you March for being nice to me. I’m not saying that I’m having a nice day for the whole month but nothing big happened. I’m just too busy to focus on what happens around me. In fact, I have 5 labs to submit tomorrow, and 3 assignments to submit during this mid-semester break. I guessed, there’s no mid-semester break for me šŸ˜”

Unforgettable moments?
Okay, I feel like I want to hide under my blanket right now. Yesterday, I rented a car from a senior that I knew during orientation week 2 years ago. My mother asked me to buy some kek lapis Sarawak to bring back home. On 7.30 pm he WhatsApp-ed me, “Dah sampai”. So, I went to the parking and there’s one Myvi putih parked in front of the stairs. I WENT TO THAT MYVI and try to bukak pintu but the door was locked. I knocked the window just in case he didn’t notice me. BUT, HE STILL DIDN’T UNLOCK THE DOOR. I was like “Jangan main-mainlah hujan kot ni” and suddenly there’s another Myvi putih behind that Myvi putih. Unfortunately, it was that senior. I was like “Ya Allah mana nak sorok muka!”. To the man inside that wrong Myvi putih, I know you’re laughing at me!

And just now masa dekat dalam flight, ada orang letak my bag jauh gila dekat dalam cabin. And you know what will happen next! I CAN’T REACH MY BAG!! Dah jengket pun tak sampai (I'm only 156cm kot šŸ˜¢). I was thinking nak panjat kerusi before there’s a gentleman who helped to grab my bag hahahaha.

And here’s my March playlist. Please click on the title of the song to check it out.
  1. Keep It Simple by Wildermiss
  2. At My Best by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Hailee Steinfeld)
  3. Easy Go by Grandtheft & Delaney Jane
  4. Down by Marian Hill
  5. Scars by James Bays
  6. Roses by Against The Current
  7. Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly

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