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25 February 2017

Picture Worth A Thousand Words

"Mimpi je lah kan?"

Somehow, this picture reminds me of my long lost friend (my cousin's neighbor). Wherever you are, whatever you're doing right now, may Allah ease everything for you. I've been friends with her for about 2 to 3 years. Then, she moved abroad. That's how we lost contact. She's a very nice girl by the way.

She's from a broken family. She got 1 sister, 1 brother and 1 younger brother. So, after her parents divorced, she's living with her mother and her younger brother. She always said, " Aku harap sangat satu hari nanti family aku jadi macam dulu balik. Tapi mimpi je lah kan?".

It's so sad when you're not being able to help your friends. The only thing that I can do is just listen to her. She ever said this to me, "Kalau kau gaduh dengan adik and kakak kau pun jangan sampai benci. Tengok macam aku, dulu selalu gaduh dengan kakak and abang aku. Aku benci gila kakak and abang aku sebab suka buli aku. Tapi sekarang aku rindu dorang".

Last time I saw her was about 7 years ago. I only 15 years old on that time. And she was 16. The last thing she told me before she was moving, she always hopes that one day her family will be together forever not just in her dreams, but also in the real life.

I always thought how lucky she is because she is so rich and she can afford to buy anything that she wants. Silly me. Sigh. Now I know why she hates when her friends said "Kalaulah aku macam kau" or "Untunglah jadi kau". People always see the bright side of her life, without knowing how tough the opposite side is. Not even a single day she went through without saying I miss my old family.

I don't know if she still remember me or not (we are not too close since I only met her when I went to my cousin's house). But I hope she's doing good right now.

p.s: Photo credit to MKA 😊


  1. Be grateful for what we have.

    Being in a broken family is hard. Even though it might seems like nothing goes wrong with the people, but for them to not be affected at all - is a fabled.

    I hope she settled in, embraced all the good future laying upon her :) And for you to meet her real sooooooooon ._.

    1. Yup. It's hard. I've got so many friends who came from a broken family. And sometimes I feel guilty to share a story about my family to them because I'm worried that they will get offended. I hope so. I hope that I can meet her again and chit chat at the backyard of her house like we used to do but my cousin said she never come back after she moved abroad.

  2. Sometimes it's okay to just listen to their rants as that's actually what they needed the most from a friend :)

    1. Hahaha she told me the same thing because I always say sorry to her for not being able to help anything.

  3. May Allah blessed and easy her life path. :)

  4. This is so heartbreaking :( I wish her and her family well.


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