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18 January 2017

Summary of 2016

So, 2016 has ended 18 days ago, and I know I am already late to write about this  but this is MY blog so I can post whatever and whenever I want πŸ’

A lot of things happened in 2016 that changed my life and perception towards people. Also, there's a lot of lessons that I've learned throughout the year.

1. Do not simply trust everyone, INCLUDE YOUR FRIENDS (friends can hurt you too!)

THIS! Especially when you're looking for the people to complete your project/assignment group. Please please pretty please, do not simply pick someone just because they're your friends. This happened to me when I was looking for a person to complete my group for Java project. This 'friend' contacted me and asked if there's any empty seat for her. So, I was like "Eh, she doesn't have a group? Seriously? But she's one of the top scorer in my course.". I INVITED HER TO JOIN MY GROUP (after I asked other members) because she is my friend  I've done few assignment with her before and her performance was excellent! However, this 'friend' betrayed me. She never comes to the discussions, keep giving excuses when I'm asking her to help us looking for the code and at the end, she doesn't contribute anything at all. She just came to the presentation acting like she's the one who done the project. I personally reported her to the lecturer after the presentation. She pissed me off, what do you expect? But still, the lecturer give her half of the mark that we got. Means, if we got the total 20 marks, she will get 10 marks for her zero-contributing-efforts. This is so unfair! She should get less than that, am I right? I mean, she did nothing kot. Kalau dapat full 30 markah senang-senang dia dapat 15 markah for her carry mark πŸ˜•

*some of the grading criteria for the final project of Java

*our octagonal chess with Fantastic Beast soundtrack as background music (all of us were forever-Potterhead) πŸ˜‚

2. Do not waste ALL of your money on FOOD
Blame all the food commercials/foodporn on television, social media, website or whatsoever — they totally screwed me! I think I've wasted most of my money on foodssssssssss. I end up regretting my life sebab banyak year end sale tapi tak dapat pergi sebab tak ada duit! Eishh, I'm so stressed, so I need to eat laa. Next semester, please behave dear-self. Or you'll end up regretting over the same thing over and over and over again (dush!).

3. Do not belittle other people
Especially to those who are taking a 'fantastic-hardcore-amazing-whatsoever-courses' like medic, engineering, science, IT. I don't know, it seems viral these days. One of my friend, who is taking Cinematography always telling me that her housemates always be like "eleh kau ambik cinema je pun. Senang. Tengok movie je. Bukan macam kitorang, kena buat lab report, buat experiment itu ini.". Well, there is an old saying "You'll never understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes.". Do you think it's easy to shoot the film, balance the lighting, edit the film and so on? Create/buy a script, find persons to act in her film, find a location to shoot the film, that's some of the things that she had to do to complete her study. Do you think it's just a piece of cake (with the cherry on top 🍰)?

4. Don't judge a book by it's cover
This sounds clichΓ©, I know. I think I left 'every story has 2 sides' part here. So, it's about someone (A) badmouthing about the other person (B) until everyone avoided B like B is a poisonous bacteria. And suddenly B told the other sides of the story. You know what happened next, everyone avoided A just like what happened to B. Everyone believe A at first because she looks so decent and B just fucked up, ignorant, gedik and whatsoever. So, everyone just believe whatever that A told them until one day, they discovered the truth. That A even badmouthing about them. So, the conclusion here, don't judge a book by it's cover. No matter how decent they look, there always a demon inside of them. It's up to them how to control the demon. And seriously, karma is a bitch. You'll get back what you give. It's just a matter of time. Just be nice towards each other 😊

So, there's some lessons that I've learned during 2016. There's a lot actually but this is the biggest thing that affected me. Thank you to those who stay with me until now. For those who leave, I know you have your own reason (terima kasih sebab pernah ada and brightened up my day).

Here's some of 2016 memories.

 *Raya 2016

 *Raya 2016

*During Aizza's brother graduation day at PICC πŸŽ“

*During Naili's sister wedding day at Rooftop Garden Hotel, Bukit Jelutong πŸ‘°

*Citrawarna UNIMAS

*After watching Fantastic Beast πŸ˜‚ Since I am a Potterhead, so I will give 5 stars for this movie 😌

*After presenting the final project of Operating System. Excuse my tired-retarded-whatever face πŸ˜‚

*Actually this is taken during my last day at Sarawak. 08/01/2017. Few hours before I flew back home (forgot to tell you, my new year started when I finished my last paper 😁)

Amid the tears, destruction, and economic downturn, I hope 2017 will be a better year for all of us. Good luck in whatever you're doing right now. May success always be with you 😊


  1. It's 2017 and I still wasting my money on food.

  2. I love to throw my money on food too! Haha. Well then next time you gonna need to put budget on food so u'll save more money for YES. :D

  3. Myra Azraff: Me toooo :( When will I learn huh?
    Eyqa Zq: Will do! Hehehe.


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