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25 January 2017

Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka

Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka
Berdiri megah di bumi bertuah
Menjunjung moto karisma maju mulia
Berganding bahu mencipta sejarah

Visi KMM institusi terbilang
Melahir pelajar akademik cemerlang
Berbudi tinggi berakhlak mulia
Berpegang teguh pada yang Esa

Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka
Namamu masyhur di Malaysia
Dihempas badai tetap teguh setia
Karisma maju mulia

Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka
Namamu harum di Malaysia
Dihempas badai tetap teguh setia
Karisma maju mulia

One of my classmate during matriculation visited our dearest college last week and sent us a few latest photos of KMM. Remind me of how miserable my life back then (hahaha, just kidding!). I miss my matriculation life. Life was a bit easier, I can go back home during weekend and so on (ratapan anak perantau, tak boleh balik rumah masa weekend sebab Selangor ↔ Sarawak is too far and cost much 😢).

So,  I was one of the KMM PDT 13/15 alumni. In KMM they divided the students into 4 groups, Modul 1 for pure science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics), Modul 2 for physical science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science), Modul 3 for biology (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science) and Accounting. PDT only for students who is taking Modul 1, 2 or 3. PDT stands for Program Dua Tahun. Which means you can extend your study up to two years (instead of one year) if you want. And if you've got D grade for you Additional Mathematics during SPM but you were good in another subject, automatically you'll become a PDT student. 

One thing you have to know, PDT always learn more than PST (Program Satu Tahun). So, do not expect PDT life is easier. I don't know but seems like a lot of students, and lecturers keep comparing between PST and PDT. I guess they never heard this, "People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road does not mean they are lost" - Dalai Lama. To be honest, I fell down once because of this thing. I tried so hard to overcome it, and one day, one of the Ustaz (I don't remember his name, I'm sorry Ustaz) at KMM gave some talk at surau. He said, his younger brother is an awesome, amazing man. His younger brother took a long path to became a doctor and finally he succeed. And Ustaz said, "No matter how long the journey is, our destiny is the same = SUCCESS. No matter how hard the journey is Allah know the best for you. Allah will never put you in situation which you cannot handle.". And Ustaz also said that our test is just too little compared to other people in this world. At least, we can still afford to study. At that time I realized, how ungrateful that I am. And I hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place. 

So, here's some of the photos sent by my classmate.

*Place called heaven because you can get almost all the services needed here such as printing, photostat, post office, koperasi and so on

*Our precious library. Tempat lepak sementara tunggu lecturer BI and sebelum start Maxel (Maths Excellent)

*Inside the library during Maxel programs. Meet my mentee(s). I don't know how they can 
stand with me 😂 

*Kes tak siap tutorial Maths, takut kena marah dengan cikgu Izra (I can see a lot of 
differentiation and integration symbol) 😂 Syafiq Adri a.k.a Balo, one of my best friend 😊

*Depan library jadi tempat lepak time kena buat kerja group tengah malam jugak. Meet my classmates, Maizan and Aliff (hope they didn't found my blog 😂)

*In front of the lecture hall. There were 6 lecture halls in KMM. Tempat lepak sementara tunggu waktu kuliah, tempat study group, tempat buat birthday prank orang 😉

*During Naz's birthday celebration 😊

*Laboratory area. Chemistry lab was located on first and second floor, Biology lab on 
third floor and Physics lab on fourth floor. Mengeluh panjang setiap kali ada lab pijik hahaha 😂

*Biology lab and hey, that's me presenting about type of protein 😉

*Physics lab. Meet Ainun and Liza 😊

*Chemistry lab. Meet my hand hahaha

*One of the most unforgettable moment, one of our lecturer (Physics) cabar suruh pakai lab coat sampai dewan kuliah hahaha and yeah we made it!

*Our precious cafeteria. There were 4 cafeteria in KMM. Kafe A, B, C and D. Tempat cari 
makan, tempat jamuan and so on

*At kafe C. This photo taken after Sukaneka PDT if I'm not mistaken

*Tempat iftar beramai-ramai. In the left side was tutorial room and on the right side was a library

 *First iftar 2014 with my classmates

*Iftar 2014 with cikgu Izra

*Iftar 2013 with cikgu Izra (tutorial room)

*Taken during the last day of the second semester. My room for 2 semester in KMM. B3.2.11.
Then I moved to A4.2.2

*Semester 2. For some reasons, my classmates change every semester. One of the thing that I fear 
at the beginning of the semester, who else will be the next to leave us?

*Semester 4. Thank you for staying with me till the end 😊

*The last picture taken at KMM. Lepas habis paper 1 Physics, then semua orang pergi bawa haluan masing-masing 😊

Never thought that I will miss this sooooo much! Dulu pernah cakap, "Takkan rindu matrik!". Who's crying now huh?


  1. I can relate, I missing my old campus too :') tho it practically, within the same state lol

  2. Hahaha kannnn. Masa duduk situ punyalah dok kira hari bilalah nak keluar dari situ :(

  3. KMM. sy bljr situ jgk dulu.. rindunya KMM bile tgk gmbr2 kt entri ni, huhu

  4. Hi fellow KMM-ians hehe :) Hahaha samalah rindu gila dekat KMM dulu siap cakap tempat tu penajara lah apelah hahaha

  5. painnnnn. Aku jumpa blog hang hahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Hai saya kat kmm ni and habis 9/5. Selalu rasa down. Mcm mana nak hilangkan rasa tu?

    1. Hi! Pergi enjoy dekat KMM! Do what you want to do. Petang-petang main basikal round 1 KMM ke hahaha. Main squash best jugak, hilang stress. Pukulje sekuat hati hahaha. Main tennis ke. Boleh pinjam racket dekat cikgu ko-q. Jangan follow rules sangat, rules are made to be broken hahaha. Okay tu jangan ikut 🤣


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