Dilemma - FARAHZ

30 January 2017


*view from my room (Academia Lane)

I'm in a dilemma. Actually, I already moved out from my rental house. I'm planning to live in UNIMAS residential college for the next semester. However, the residential college still didn't release the result of the application.

*fun fact: I get panic easily!

I'm going back to Sarawak on this February 11th. So, if I still didn't get the result of the residential college application, I don't have any place to stay. I'm thinking of renting a house around Vista Ilmu area with my classmates. The price is way cheaper than Academia Lane. But I'm afraid of what my (Academia Lane) housemates might think if they know about it. Seriously, this is not in my plan.

I'm facing several problems during my stay in Academia Lane, actually. One of the big problems is I have no transport (I have to walk around 20 to 30 minutes from my house to the faculty) and I have to stay in Fatin's house (she have to live in the residential college because she is joining PALAPES) every time I got a night class (I have at least 2 night classes per week in a semester). The worst thing is I'm the only one FIT (short form for Faculty of Science Computer and Information Technology) student in that house. I'm staying at Fatin's house (again) for a month to finish all my final project since it has to be done in a group. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but I feel it's a little bit unfair because I still have to pay the electric and water bills during the period that I'm not staying in the house.

Some might understand that workload of every faculty is different and the problem that I'm facing throughout the whole past semester, so, they don't care if I move to a different house. But others?


p.s: I'm watching Great Australian Spelling Bee Marathon on DIVA while typing this post. Then I've heard the word 'kutu'. I was like "why on earth he asked her to spell kutu? Seriously!". The actual word is acquittal 😂 Silly me.


  1. just follow ur inner instinct. its for ur own good. :) tiada contract juga kan atau janji dgn dorang nak stay. hee.

    may Allah ease your way farah. :)

    1. Yup. Kontrak for 1 semester only and dah habis pun. Hee thank you Eyqa :)

  2. You probably need to talk to them about your plan, money wise :')

    I thought FIT as in being fit to walk that long distance /silly me/ Calm down, everything Inn Shaa Allah would be fine ~.~

    1. Yup. I think I need to slow talk with them . Hahaha if and only if I didn't explain what FIT stands for XD Thank you Faten :)

  3. You should totally live/rent with your classmates. It'll be easier for you to go to your classes and to do your group projects. Plus, I think your ex-housemates would surely understand your situation :)

    1. Yeap, I think so. I hope they'll understand my situation and don't get offended :)


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