2017 - FARAHZ

15 January 2017


I know it's too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEEPS! But who cares 😛

Having a hard and tough times throughout this semester, I'm relieved that I'm still alive yo (congratulations!). Having a lot of final projects at the same time surely killing me slowly. I lost almost 4KG (3.8KG to be exact) since I am too busy and don't even have time to eat. And I am proud of myself, haha. Final exam just a week after I sent my final projects. I'm too stress, and I became too sensitive. I easily cried over everything. Alhamdulillah, now it's over.

Semester break has started but I just don't have much to do. Helping my mother with the house chores, taking care of my niece and nephew and so on (other than that, just ternak lemak makan sedap-sedap dekat rumah 😂).

I cleaned my room just now and here what I've found which remind me of the good old days.

 *button badges that I've got during matriculation

*nametag that I've got masa zaman kawad KRS

Reminiscing old times 😊

Well, I'm thinking of changing my blog templates, but I don't know. Tengoklah kalau rajin hehe 😌

p.s: If you have any suggestions of poetry book and where to buy/read them (I prefer online since I'm too lazy to go out from my home, hahaha) , please leave a comment below. Thank you 😊

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