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16 January 2017

16 Personalities

I have taken this personality test a few months ago, but the result was ISFJ. But now it's changed! I took this test 2 times (just now!) and the result still the same. People change, I guess. So do I 😌 85% introvert and now you know that's the reasons why I HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG (at least I have something else to do when I am alone in my room and got nothing to do other than scrolling my socmed), hahaha 😂

You can take the test here: 16 Personalities. Mine was not 100% correct, but most of them are true 😊

p.s: Eh, I'm so happy because now I can add emoji to my post 💓💓💓 You'll see bunch of emojis in my post in the future 😂


  1. fellow introvert here :D

    it seems like there are a lot of introverted in the blog sphere

  2. Hahaha. That's why blogger needs a blog. To write all our unspoken words and thoughts here :)

  3. I got an advocate too!

    *virtual high-5*


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