Semester 3 - FARAHZ

30 November 2016

Semester 3

To be honest, I feel awkward to post on this blog. I didn't post anything more than 3 months! Should be proud of it (it's a big achievement, no?). I've been REALLY busy, ever since the semester start. There's a lot of things to do, I even don't have enough time for myself. Lack of sleep/didn't sleep more than 24 hours, skipping a meal. I don't even have time to hang out with my friends/roommates/housemates. Sad life. I didn't go out for more than a month, for your information. Terperap dekat rumah, rumah Fatin, fakulti, struggling to finish the project/assignment.

So, for this semester, I didn't stay in the college since my application has been rejected. I rent a house in Academia Lane which located beside UNIMAS. But it takes 30 minutes to walk from my house to faculty. 

It's almost the end of the semester. Right now I'm working on 3 final projects. I don't know how to describe my stress level. There's a time, when I feel so down, I called my parents and cried. Then, when my feelings back to normal, I feel embarrassed with what I've done hahaha. 

*1 of the project that I've been working on right now

My biggest fear right now is, what if I couldn't finish Java project before the deadline? Or what if the code doesn't work? Java project is the toughest project that I've ever done. It's a group project and this project require us to create GUI-based 2D/3D custom chess game.

Fun fact: I don't even know how to play chess!

Help! The total marks for this project are 30%. 2% will be deducted from the total marks if  we create the chess in 2D.

Just pray for me.

p.s: I want to watch FANTASTIC BEAST but I'M TOO BUSY T_T
p.p.s: I want to eat Subway but there's no Subway in Sarawak.
p.p.p.s: I want to eat ikan tenggiri masak asam pedas too!

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