Devangel - FARAHZ

15 July 2016


My cousin uploaded some photo of this book on her twitter and I borrowed it from her when she came to my house. It is a really beautiful poetry book write by a young teenage girl (she's younger than me!), seriously. I think I can relate to most of her poem, especially that love and brokenness part (hehe). I used to read a lot of books from PTS One when I was little and I got quite surprise when I realized she was the same girl who wrote Gadis Piano.

I hope she'll write more and I'm looking forward to read her next book :)

*Here's some sneak peek of one of my favorite poem in this book

I'll let you know one more thing
If missing you is a drug
I am the most addicted
- Riha J -

You can go to PEANUTZIN.COM to purchase.


  1. Is this Riha J yg study medic tu?

    I was at PBKL when i first saw her and sadly..i didn't buy her book, i bought Englishjer's instead T_T reading this post leaves so much regret in me.

  2. Yup, that's right! Hahahaa, you should buy it. seriously. only RM25 inc postage :)

  3. @FARAHZ: wow! let me think bout this and thanks for the suggestion anyway hehe ;)


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