13 July 2016


I am officially turn 21 year old last Monday and I was like "Why am I still look like a secondary school girl?", lol.

*My brother in law and I shared the same birthday :)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been really busy with some holiday stuff (I didn't unpack my things from the luggage that I brought from college yet!). And I've been thinking to take a break from gadget for a while since my eyesight is getting worse. I've done eye check up at Whoosh Eyewear and the number of power keeps increasing since last year. I'm getting scared, seriously! This maybe due to always looking at the phone/laptop in the dark for too long.

And I think this is a good time to read as many book as possible. It's been a long time since I've bought a good book and got totally immersed into it. I want to feel that feelings again. Maybe I'll share some review of the book I've read during my semester break :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Farah! Hoping you to have a blast yea =) My eyesight is getting worst too (sobs).

  2. Thank you Haziqah! I don't know how to reduce the power. Memang rasa takkan reduce pun sebab asyik hadap laptop and phone :(

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Awaaaaa :)


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