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18 May 2016

What A Life

Waking up at 5.00 in the morning and straight doing this thing after done my Subuh prayer. What a life. Actually this is a group project (of 5 people), but only 2 people who are actually doing this. Me and Fatin (my classmate). And another 3 was missing in action. You know how hard it was to control myself from strangle their neck, lol.

To another 3 people who was missing in action:

"If you know nothing, I mean if you don't know how to do the coding, please give us some ideas instead of give me the bluetick on WhatsApp. Please respond. You know how hard it was to do this programming thingy. Both of us also have another project to do. TMF1254, TMX1022, TMF1874 and what else. 

Don't expect me to be kind if you didn't do the same. And don't expect me to give "free marks" to you if you did not contribute anything."

I'm tired of working with this kind of people. Ugh.

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