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12 May 2016

Random Call

"Hello, assalamualaikum. Boleh cakap dengan Makcik Norma?"
"Dah jangan nak mengada. Ingat mak tak kenal suara kakak ke?"

This kind of conversation is one of the reasons why I love to make a random call with my mother. Tease her and so on. Hahaha. I missed my home :'(

Just now, I called her just to tell that I'm having a cup of coffee and red bean bun for breakfast on that time and mom be like "Yelah tu. Kakak bukan rajin nak breakfast pun."

"Mak petang nanti orang call lambat sikit tau. Orang habis kelas pukul 7 hari ni."
"Mak tahu."

I don't know why, I feel like want to cry right now. I want to go back home and hug my parents. I missed them so much. And this is another reasons why I love to make random call with my parents. Although I didn't tell them, deep down inside I know that they knew it.

*I missed both of you so much*


  1. saya dari kecik memang tak rapat dengan mak. So i dont know what to say but envy with your relationship with your mom. btw,hargai sementara masih ada peluang. i dont have a chance when he is not in this world anymore.


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