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22 May 2016

My Type Of Weekend

My headphone is an essential part of work, lol.

Well, who said it's going to be a fun day? Sitting for few hours, dealing with those errors, searching for thousands code, facing thousands trial and error. You need to study a lot before you apply any codes in your project. How does this code work? How it will affect other code? Why this error occurs? What does this error means? And I have 4 coding to submit next week. 3 in C language and another 1 in C++ language. Masa tidur pun dah termimpi-mimpi coding, can you imagine? Hahaha.

I am okay. I just have to deal with it for a period of time (which means forever?).


  1. Good luck ! May Allah ease everything :) I just love to read your entries. Idk why kekeke

  2. Ain Athirah: Yup :) Multimedia Computing
    Fikah: Thank you! I love to read yours too :)


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