Hectic Week - FARAHZ

24 May 2016

Hectic Week

*who needs mug when you can drink your coffee from this bottle?*

The most hectic and busiest week of the semester is finally here! The most important things during this week is to mentally persevere over a lack of sleep, and I've prepared myself for it (I'm going to sleep for one whole week when everything is done, lol). Who need 6 hours of sleep when they have tons of project and presentation to be done? 

*but Teo needs it!*

Caught Teo fell asleep while we're having a discussion of our Computer And Communication Network project, hahaha.

So, good luck to myself and to all of you :)


  1. Thank you! Good luck to you too :)

  2. uish mmg hilang ngantuk la kalu minum kopi byk mcm tu, btw cute sgt bottle

  3. Hahaha kalau dah selalu minum mesti mengantuk jugak T_T Heheh thanks :)


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