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15 April 2016

Deep Conversations

I'm kinda busy with life. Classes, assignments, this and that. To be honest, this semester was tougher than last semester. C++ doesn't go easy. C was better than C++ and I can't even understand how the hell that linked list works! It may sounds stupid (well, yeah I am stupid), but that's the fact. What is the differences between protected and private class, and so on. The worst part is, mid-semester just around the corner. Next week. And I. AM. A. DEAD. MEAT!

So, I went back home last week, to recharge my energy. Lol. I missed home, my mother's cooking, my funny dad, and everything. 

I don't know why, but suddenly my mother and I were talking about future. My mother asked me about what's my plan after this? Continue my study to the next level, or working? What I'm going to be? When I'm going to marry and to whom?

And you know what, all those questions were left unanswered. Lol. Seriously, I don't know what's going to happen next. Ask me in another 2 years, well that time (maybe) I already have the answers for those questions. Except that marry thingy, hehe. 

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