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05 March 2016

Everyone Knows

I bet everyone knows how it feels to pretend it's okay when actually it's not, and when you've to fulfill other people demand ahead of your own will — the hardest things ever.

It's like when you've to choose over vanilla milk instead of strawberry milk because of your best friend doesn't like that strawberry milk (for some reason) and you've to do so to take care of his/her heart. Lol, such a silly example but it makes sense, so?

I don't know how to explain exactly how it feels, but, ugh, I hate this feelings.

p.s: I'll always choose vanilla over strawberry no matter how much I love pink. Strawberry is so not my flavor, lol. But, I would pick chocolate over vanilla. So, come and give me some chocolate when you see me upset. I'll definitely become okay in just two seconds, trust me :P

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