11 February 2016


Benda paling malas nak buat and kalau boleh nak upah orang lain tolong buatkan --------> PACKING & UNPACK.

Since my semester break going to an end next week,  so, who wants to volunteer themselves to pack and unpack my things right now? Lol.

Well, my classes start on 22nd of February but I've to go back to UNIMAS early since there's a lot of things that I've to settle there.

Is it still early to say good bye to Selangor? I guess not. So, good bye home sweet home. Good bye Klang. Good bye Selangor. Good bye Semenanjung Malaysia. Hi Sarawak. Hi Kota Samarahan. Hi UNIMAS :(

p.s: Obviously I'm not happy right now.

p.p.s: Plus, I have to pack my things starting tonight since I've got a hell lot of things to bring back to              hostel.

p.p.p.s: Someone please help me!

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