Semester 4 - FARAHZ

29 November 2014

Semester 4

One week . So , hi semester 4 ! The 4th and insyaAllah will be the last semester in KMM . After that , degree ? Am I just getting too old ?

Talking about degree , I'm just thinking of which course that I want to choose after this because I'm kind of sick of science and I don't think that science stream suits me well .

And of course I'm also thinking about which university am I going to pursue my study ? People called this overthinking but I called it future planning so I've to worry about it . But not too worry. You're not going to enjoy your life if you're always worry about your future .

Hmm so , the first week going really smooth . Because the first chapter of all the subjects was not so hard except for chemistry . I really hate doing that "mechanism things" of benzene and so on .
The worst part is , chemistry won't let the things go easy for this time . Because I've to learn about the things that related to hydrocarbon for one semester . Which means I've to draw and sketch all the structure , give the IUPAC names for the given structure and draw the mechanism of the given reaction for the whole semester !

I'm going crazy , lol . So , pray for me . I really want to finish my study and get out from here .

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