Assalamualaikum w.b.t .

Today , I woke up . Alhamdulillah , I'm still alive , still breathing and still healthy . All praises to Allah S.WT . Thank you Allah for every single thing that You have written for me . 

Yesterday was the second time we (my classmates and I) breaking fast together . 

Here , some of my classmates . And without knowing anything , yesterday they gave me a surprise . Celebrating my birthday which had passed a week ago . 

Alhamdulillah for all the joy and happiness that has been brought in my life . A lot of thanks to all the people who brought , and still bring the joy and happiness to me .

For the first time in my life , someone had written "Happy Birthday Gemok" on my birthday cake ! Hahaha . 

Thanks to Maizan , Nadhirah , Farah , Lliza , Ainun , Massitah , Nazeera , Amal , Izlyn , Aliff , Syafiq , Khairul , Hadi , Firdaus and Rasyid .

I ♥ D11P3 !

P.S : Don't forget to be thankful , even for the little things . Because the little things always matter . And it is He whom had made everything happen , as we only plan . So , thank you Allah :)


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