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04 February 2016

How To Install New Font

1. Download the font that you like
Usually I downloaded the font from DAFONT. Instead of directly download it from there, you can create your own font and share it on this website.

So, here we go. This is the homepage of the website. You can click on the category of the font that you like such as fancy, foreign look, bitmap, techno and etc. Or you can directly choose the font under the category that you like such as cartoon, groovy and etc.

To install the font, click the DOWNLOAD button (red box). 

2. Extract the downloaded folder
Go to the Download folder and find the font file that you've been downloaded just now. Since it was in .zip format, you need to extract the file first. Right click at the font file, and select EXTRACT ALL.

3. Install the font
Go to the extract folder. Copy all the things inside the folder except "read me" or "note given".

Some will have the bold/italic version of the font and some do not. So, just copy all the files inside the folder. 

Go to Control Panel and search "font" at the search box.

Then, paste all the font that you copied just now inside this folder and refresh.

To check whether the font has been installed or not, you can open your Microsoft Office/Open Office/Notepad/etc and check whether the font was available or not. If not try re-install the font or restart your computer (restart your computer first and re-check whether the font was available or not. If the font still unavailable then baru you try to re-install the font using the same step).

P.S: You can use this new font to make your presentation slides looks better :)

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