08 September 2018

Playing Tourist

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Playing Tourist

Back to Sarawak as a final year student after 7 months and 26 days I'm staying at home (completing the internship session).

Did a part-time job after finished the internship because I'm bored and there's nothing to do at home other than house chores, and of course I want the moneyy! Hahaha. Meet Kak Ros, my supervisor. And thank you Madam for the cake. This picture was taken during my last day of work.

I've decided to go back one week earlier (before the classes start) to spend time together with my friends. We went to a few places around Kuching (and other areas too!) such as Jong's Crocodile Farm, The Borneo House Museum (3D Museum), Upside Down House, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, and Cultural Village (this is the second time I visited this place. It's quite famous among the tourists, you should really go there when you visit Sarawak!).

Warning: This is a very long post 😉

Our first destination on 06/09/2018 (exactly the next day after my friends and I arrived at Sarawak) was Mom's Laksa Kopitiam for breakfast.

One of the must-try-menu at Mom's Laksa Kopitiam, kacang pool! Don't expect us to have laksa during breakfast, haha! The price for this delicious kacang pool is RM6. This is my first time I eat kacang pool so, I don't know whether the price is reasonable or not compared to other places.

Next destination, Cultural Village.

One of my favorite pictures! Can you see Gunung Santubong behind us? The view is so breathtaking!

At the entrance of Cultural Village. Please bring your student card to enjoy cheaper ticket prices. The ticket price for an adult is RM50 but if you have a student card, you just need to pay RM15!

Please excuse my whatever face, this is outside of the Cultural Theatre which stages the daily cultural show performances. 

The a-little-bit-scary Bidayuh bamboo bridge.

Chinese Farm House.

Malay Town House.

There is a lot of attractions that you can see/visit other than that what I've mentioned above such as Iban Longhouse, Orang Ulu Longhouse, and Melanau Tall House. For more information, please visit: Sarawak Cultural Village.

Our next destination is Aek Neo at Kampung Buntal, which located not far from the Cultural Village. Actually, when we went back from the Cultural Village, we entered the wrong way and this is how we found this coconut shake stall. I could say that this is the best coconut shake in town! And it is very cheap! RM3.50 for this big cup with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and gula apong! You can never get this price in Selangor. Seriously. Even in pasar malam, they sell it at a higher price. The cheapest price of coconut shake in Selangor I've ever seen is RM4.

Oh, they make 3 types of coconut shake. Original, Oreo Coconut Shake and Mango Coconut Shake.

And this is our next destination. As usual, just flash your student card to enjoy 50% discounts on the ticket fares. You can give your camera/handphone to the staff to take your picture(s).

We went to Barok Village for dinner and ordered the famous Ayam Pansoh. It costs RM15, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures at the restaurant that we went for lunch and dinner.

What I'm doing when I'm not driving, hehe.

Jambatan Darul Hana, our last destination for the "Akak-akak FYP Jalan-jalan Sarawak" trip day 1.

Since we started our journey a bit late on 07/09/2018, we just went to McDonald's to have our breakfast (drive thru) then we went straight to Jong's Crocodile Farm.

At the entrance of Jong's Crocodile Farm. Oh, there's no discount for students here. Actually, there's a lot of animals you can see in this place such as peacock, binturong, python, different types of crocodile, Arapaima, etc.

That moment when the peacock silently refused to take pictures with me! BUT HE/SHE IS VERY WELL BEHAVE WHEN MY FRIENDS TAKE PICTURES WITH HE/SHE!

My friends were like "Dahlah takde bf, merak pun taknak dekat Farah" HAHAHAHA this is soooooo cruelllll!

The cute binturong.


And another type of crocodile, hahaha there's so many types of the crocodile! I can't even remember one! 

Next stop is Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.

If you want to see orang utan closer, you should go here. The ticket price is only RM5. But I have to warn you, this is not a zoo. So, there are no fences and the orang utan can be aggressive if they think you have foods/drinks.   

The ranger gave the explanation to the visitors before we trekking through the jungle to the orang utan feeding platform.

Please bring insect repellent to avoid mosquito (and other insects) bites. 

We were lucky enough to see 4 orang utans, and this orang utan named Minah with her child returned back to the centre during the feeding time. This is a very rare opportunity since they may or may not show up during the feeding time. If they don't show up it is because they find enough food in the jungle or because of the weather (rainy).

Hi Minah!

At the entrance of The Borneo House Museum (3D Museum) which located not so far from the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.

And finally, the must-have picture at the Cat Monument, Kuching!

We went to MK Classico for dinner, quite pricey but worth every penny!

So, that's the end of our 2 days trip. I'm having so much fun, thanks to these girls! 

11 July 2018


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I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. Opss 23!

A year older every July 11 and this year I'm turning 23. How fast time flies. Seems like just yesterday I'm crying like a baby when my parents left me at Malacca Matriculation College. The first time ever I'm being far away from my home, my family. However, it was the story of 3 years ago. Right now, I'm a 23 years old girl who is more independent, and stronger than before. Looking back to see how far that I've come always make me proud of myself. I'm pretty sure some of you ever read this quote somewhere —

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.

Never stop believing in yourself. Appreciate others but don't forget to appreciate yourself. Give attention to others but don't forget to give attention to yourself. Spare time for your loved ones but don't forget to spare time for yourself. Learn to love yourself before you love others.

Dear me, Happy Birthday 💗

30 May 2018

Medissa Dental Shah Alam

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 0
Medissa Dental Shah Alam

On last Monday, Aizza and I went to the Medissa Dental at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam for scaling and polishing our teeth (note: I do not like to visit a dentist). As we entered the clinic, the staffs great us with the huge smile on their faces, hey they're so friendly! But that doesn't lessen my nervous at all, haha. Another thing that I love about this clinic other than the staffs the decoration!

The decoration at the waiting area, I love that bike lamp. Sorry for the bad quality image, I was shaking!

And that's my I-am-so-nervous face (featuring eyebags and messy shawl), haha.

So, if you want to go to the dentist, this place is very recommended! For more information about the services offered (and promotion), you can go to their Instagram: Medissa Dental Shah Alam

24 May 2018

I Miss You

Thursday, May 24, 2018 6
I Miss You

I never thought I would say this  I miss you UNIMAS. I miss going to class, I miss my friends, I miss the weather, I miss Cendol Mami, I miss roti naan at Atmosferah, I miss everything!

People never satisfied with what they have, and never learned to appreciate something that they have. I think most of us have come across this situation so many times in our life. When you have A, you want B and suddenly you feel like B is boring then you want to go back to A. That's exactly what I am feeling right now.

I always want to go for industrial training because I know I will stay at home for a longer time than usual. But right now I think, I prefer going to class everyday, study tons of chapter, rather than going to work, facing traffic jam, sit in a cubicle with no one to talk to. I don't know whether I just hate working or I just hate the working environment here.

By the way, happy fasting everyone! Despite all the hardship (read: exaggerated) that I've been through during this industrial training semester, I am so glad because this year I can celebrate Ramadhan with my family. I don't know whether it's normal or it's just me being clingy, I feel like it's a must for me to be with my family during Ramadhan. In the past 2 years, I spent most of the Ramadhan at Sarawak, struggled with the final project and final examination.

One of the unforgettable memories during Ramadhan at Sarawak is; I missed my iftar. On that day, I was so tired so I decided to drink a glass of mineral water and only eat a piece of karipap during iftar. Then I went straight for Maghrib prayer and sleep. I set my alarm at 9 PM. Unfortunately, I woke up at 6 AM and have to continue fasting T_T

Happy fasting and have a blessed Ramadhan! Oh, I can't wait to bake raya cookies with my mother, hehe.