05 April 2018

Broken Heart

Thursday, April 05, 2018 0
Broken Heart

Last night, my friend was broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years and I don't know what to do, she was so sad. I think, her eyes still swollen from crying last night (probably still crying right now).

"He left me for real." she said.

I don't know. I am sad, too. I thought they will make it. Look at how happy she looks when she was with him, make me imagine the happy ending for them. But unfortunately, they gave me a sad ending. And people with a weak heart like me really hate sad endings.

She reminds me of a silly girl that I have known for years. That silly girl has been together with her ex-boyfriend for 6 years (on-off relationship).  She was 19 at the time when her ex-boyfriend left him. And this time, it is finally off and he never comes back. For a 19 years old girl, 6 years was considered 1/3 of her life cycle and that 1/3  of her life was full of him.

The first 2 years after he left was the hardest part for her. Going through the healing process, she picked up the broken pieces of her heart and reassembled it alone. But then it shattered into million pieces again after knowing that he had found someone new, less than one year after they broke up.

That silly girl asked, "Is it that easy for him to forget me?"

It is already been 4 years since he left her. Moving on was not that easy, I guess? Even though she can lie to people by telling them that she is okay, but she still cannot lie to herself. It is like there is a missing piece that makes her puzzle incomplete. Like there is a big hole in her heart, which she had given that part to him but he did not return it.

Here is a little advice for those who are struggling to move on from their ex, all you need is time. Take as much time as you need. Cry for the whole day, if that what it takes for you to release all your sadness. Eat as much as you want, if that what makes you happy. Laugh as loud as you want, if that what makes you forget all the craps. Do not care about what others think of you, just do it in your own way.

One fine day, you will finally able to tell yourself, "I have moved on." and you will find your own prince/princess charming that is meant to be with you till the end. You will make it.

For the time being, just learn to appreciate yourself and explore the world! I am very sure that you will find out something new about yourself.

Been there and done everything that I have said at the above, yes, I am that silly girl. Finally moved on even though it takes longer than expected but yeah, I am still proud of myself. I finally learned how to truly forgive someone and I stop putting the blame on everything including myself.

For my dear friend, there is nothing much that I can do but I will always be there for you. There is always a reason behind everything. Just smile and keep going πŸ’—

16 February 2018

I'm Back

Friday, February 16, 2018 18
I'm Back
*One of my favourites from Illenium's album, Awake ❤

After 9 months and 15 days finally, I'm back. I really miss writing on my blog but I don't have enough time to update anything here. So, it's already 2018. I know it's too late for New Year wishes, but I don't care. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


Since I am currently doing my internship at the company which most of the staffs (85%) were Chinese, I've got longer CNY holidays  (14th Feb - 19th Feb) compared to my friends hehe. And of course, they got jealous 😌 I also got angpau and lot of oranges!

So, after struggling for 2 days to choose a new template and editing this and that (it's a tiring process and this is the ultimate reason why I stay with one template for a long time), here is my new look! The main reason why I changed my blog template is that my old template looks boring and I think this is one of the ways to encourage my(lazy)self to write 😌

If you happened to visit my blog, please leave your link at my Cbox (click on the TALK section below the header) so I can visit yours back 😊

01 May 2017

Good Bye April

Monday, May 01, 2017 2
Good Bye April

I think I just wrote about March? Is it already the end of April? 

I think you'll be sick of reading about me nagging of how busy my student's life is. I've tons of project to be submitted on May. So, my April consist of lack of sleep, lack of rest, less food (since I have less time to eat/I am so lazy to buy something to eat), more caffein, less class (I like it!), and what else? Oh, less time alone. Since I like to spend my time alone, this is so irritating. I have to go out, having a group discussion and so on. I feel like I don't have time for myself anymore T_T

The best part of April is when I can fly back home because hey, it's mid-semester break! I've spend my mid-semester break (30 March - 9 April) at home. As you can see in my previous post, I've attended Grand Launch of SHOPPINKBOXCEREAL Website on 1 April at Disenar Space. Ahh, I miss my home food (mom, can you please come here?)! 

*Family photo at the airport. Excuse my tak senonoh face (baru lepas nangis sebab kena balik U πŸ˜‚)

I took the last flight back to Sarawak because I want to spend more time with my family. At this moment, I'm so grateful because I'm still studying inside the country. I can't imagine what will happen to me if I'm studying abroad. My parents probably will go bankrupt because of me 😌

The saddest thing is I CAN'T GO TO PBAKL! I've to wait for another 2 years 😭 So, PBAKL 2020, please come faster! I've got a long list of books that I want to buy and heck PBAKL gave a lot of discounts! I even mute her/his on Twitter if that person tweet anything about PBAKL. Hey, I even block that PBAKL word on my Twitter. Can you see how disappointed that I am?

I've got a very long playlist because hey, THE CHAINSMOKERS RELEASE THEIR NEW ALBUM! And they're being so generous by sharing it on YouTube. New marketing strategy, I guess?

So, here we go. I present to you, my April playlist (jeng jeng jeng!).

Am I the only one who got very excited because Paramore release new single? Trust me, I felt disappointed at first when I heard this song because it doesn't sounds like Paramore. But then, hey this song is not that bad. This song is strangely addicting. And I love Hayley new hair! She's so pretty!!!!

My most favorite song from The Chainsmokers new album! Another songs from The Chainsmokers new album: Young, Bloodstream, My Type, The One, Wake Up Alone, Break Up Every Night, Don't Say, Last Day Alive and Honest.

WELCOME BACK DEMI! I've watched The Late Show with James Corden (Divas Riff Off with Demi Lovato) and I hate how people only commented about she gained weight instead of her powerful voices.

24 April 2017

Our Times

Monday, April 24, 2017 10
Our Times

I watched this movie at 3AM because my friend said "You should watch this! This is one of the best movies I ever watched!" and I think I should take a break from doing my assignments because I've been working on it for the whole day.

This 2015 Taiwanese movie directed by Frankie Chen is about and ordinary office worker, Lin Cheng-hsin (Lin Truly) who lives a stressful life. One day she listens to and old recording of Andy Lau which reminds her of her school life.

The story begin when she received a chain letter, warning her of the bad luck if she didn't pass the message. So, she send the chain letter to her Math teacher, Tao Minmin (most popular girl in her school) and Hsu Taiyu (school's gangster). Unfortunately, Hsu Taiyu gets hit by the van while he read the letter. Later, he send his gang to find Lin.

I've spent my 2 hours 13 minutes and 44 seconds to watch this movie and for me it's really worth it. I've seen some reviews about this movie and some people said it's just a typical love story. I can't deny the fact that this is a typical love story which you can predict what will happen next. And if you're going to watch this movie later, maybe you'll compare this movie with First Love (Thailand movie) because I've found a lot of similarity between Our Times and First Love. But it doesn't matter because for me, Our Times has its own way to attract their audiences.

Rating? 4/5 stars. Here are some of the scenes from the movie.

"When you like someone and see her walk to someone she likes you’d suddenly realize that you treat her badly just because you want to get a bit closer to her." - Hsu Taiyu

One of the scenes that breaks my heart 😭

When you like someone, you'll pay attention to what they say even though it's not important and yes Hsu Taiyu ran away from hospital because Lin said that she is okay (Lin told him before that when a girl said that she's okay means she's not okay and when she said there's nothing wrong means there's something wrong).

The scene when Hsu Taiyu told Lin that he's in a relationship with Tao Minmin.

And this scene reminds me of First Love when Nam fell in the water after she told P'Shone that she likes him but P'Shone already in a relationship with someone else.

When Hsu Taiyu told Ouyang that Lin likes him 😭


"We didn't know until years later the first person you throw your balloon at is not someone you dislike but someone you can't take your eyes off." - Lin Truly

I love how this movie brought the audience back to the school life which reminds me of mine too! That shopping at the bookshop scene, biodata book that full of the pictures of our favorite idol that we got from newspaper or magazine, and many others. I just can't stop smiling and said "I did that too!". Hahaha. And I didn't cry when I watch this movie.

Here's the link to watch this movie online: Our Times

p.s: Okay, I'm lying. I cried. A lot! Especially that scene when Hsu Taiyu told Ouyang everything about Lin. He even told Ouyang that he likes Lin but Lin likes Ouyang very much so that he had to hide his feelings. And when they meet again after so many years he still remember about his promise. I always fall for the bad guys eh? 

23 April 2017

Blue Sky Tag

Sunday, April 23, 2017 16
Blue Sky Tag

Oh, hi it's me again. Been very busy with lots of assignment lately, I don't even have time to sleep. So, that's the reason why I left my blog on hiatus for more than 2 weeks. And I think my blog will be on hiatus for a very long time after this because I've got so many final projects to be submitted on May (4 to be exact, it seems like a small number but when we talk about final project 4 is a very huge number I just can't imagine how to survive until the end of this semester T_T).

So, I've been tagged by Nurul Afifah (thank you!) to answer these 11 questions.


1. Thank the person who tagged you - Thank you Nurul Afifah!
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer

So, here we go!


1. What was the last movie you watch?
I just re-watched Twilight from The Twilight Saga series. I just can't get enough of Edward Cullen eh? Uh, Edward can you please be mine? Lots of people said that this movie was a rubbish but I don't care. Edward Cullen is too handsome to resist 😌

2. What are you trying to achieve with your blog?
Um, I don't know how to answer this. To be honest, I created a blog to share about what happened around me, my likes and dislikes, my experience. So, I can say that 99.99% of the contents of my blog is basically about my life. I'm not very serious in blogging. I don't even think of being a professional blogger.

3. Do you think you are someone with a sense of humor?
No, I'm not. But I'm that mudah-terhibur type of person πŸ˜…

4. Imagine 10 years ago. How does that make you feel about yourself now?
10 years ago I was only a 12 years old girl who's so busy preparing for her UPSR examination.

*this girl is me, please trust me I'm not lying 😌

Dear self, how did you gained so much weight in just 10 years? To the 12 years old me, hey, now I know how to wear tudung properly, please be proud of me. Haha.

5. How would your friend describe you?
Fierce, strict, a bit sensitive (because I cry easily when I'm watching movies/drama). What else? Um, I don't know.

6.  Do you have hobbies that others might find unusual?
Okay, let me tell you something. I love writing/reading poems during my free time. Is it unusual?

7. Have you done anything illegal?
Pirating movies/songs/TV series/PC games and software. I'm not proud of it. Seriously.

8. If you ended up being a prisoner, what likely to be the reason?
Robbing a bank?

9. What most likely the thing that will get you angry?
Sleeping member in an assignment group. Hey, wake up! Please do your job lah if you don't want me to report about your laziness to the lecturer 😑

10. How do you handle yourself when you are angry?
I just stay quiet because I don't want to hurt people with my words and go somewhere alone to calm myself. I know how bad my temper was but I don't even know how bad I am going to be when I was angry.

11. Best thing to eat when you are angry?
Um, can I have a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate?

1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.
2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving?
3. What is your favorite band?
4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/famous cafe?
5. What is the thing that you're good at?
6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?
7. How would you describe yourself?
8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)
9. When did you start blogging?
10. Why did you start blogging?
11. What do you love the most about your blog?

Um, you can just ignore this if you want to but I really hope that you guys will answer my questions, hehe.

1. Fatina Mudz
2. Catatan Seorang Syed
3. Hundred Pages
4. Lenne Zulkifly
5. Lya Amie
6. Erin Azmir
7. Atheera Dayana
8. Between The Lines
10. Nurul Rasya
11. BudakVanilla's

05 April 2017

Wordless Wednesday #11

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 19
Wordless Wednesday #11

False hope hurts more.

p.s: When I watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, I changed Wang Won name to Wang Ringgit because Won is the currency of South Korea and I want to make it sounds more Malay by replacing the Won to Ringgit πŸ˜‚

03 April 2017


Monday, April 03, 2017 2


One of my favorite indie rock band. They used to cover a few songs before they came out with their own song, Keep It Simple. This song was on my March playlist!

Here's my favorite cover by Wildermiss.

You can check them out on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to know more about them. They deserve more attention because they are so damn good!